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Ronny Simon

Chef Biography – Ronny Simon

Ronny Simon, Executive Chef of Cameron’s American Bistro, comes from generations of hospitality workers. A native of Queens, both of Simon’s parents and his grandfather have worked in the hospitality field, which sparked his interest in the industry.

A current resident of Hilliard, Simon has worked in a handful of local restaurants before landing with Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (CMR) at Hudson 29 Upper Arlington in 2014.

“Take time to learn about the industry. There are tons of wonderful resources and literature,” Simon states, offering advice to anyone interested in a career in hospitality. “There’s a lot to consume to make yourself better-rounded.”

Away from work, Simon enjoys spending his time with his daughter, Sophie, and being surrounded by nature. His favorite CMR dish is the Pork Chop and Clams found at Cameron’s American Bistro, one that was first recommended to him as the chef’s favorite choice.

“The relationships I have made and continue to make keep me inspired to continue to be better at our craft,” Simon says about working for CMR. He looks forward to building new bonds and relationships with the Associates at Cameron’s American Bistro, while helping them grow and achieve their goals.

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